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Dynamic Simulation of Fed-Batch Penicillin Production 
Educational Simulation Package for Glucose-Insulin Levels in the Human Body

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A Modularized Simulator for Penicillin Fermentation

G. Birol, C. Undey and A. Cinar, A Modular Simulation Package for Fed-batch Fermentation: Penicillin Production, Computers and Chemical Engineering, 26(11), 1553-1565, 2002.

Clarifications and Corrections

A detailed unstructured model for penicillin production in a fed-batch fermentor has been developed. The simulator is structured such that one may use different modules depending on the application needs of the user. All modules are compiled ANSI C files including the required libraries.

To download PenSim v2.0 stand-alone simulator: Pensim v2.0 Download Site
VAR Modeling and Analysis Software in Matlab

Jeffrey DeCicco has written three functions for VAR modeling and analysis. The first function estimates the partial vector autoregressions up to order p, and return information to analyze model structure and evaluate the system. The second function estimates a VAR(p) model using least squares. It returns the estimated parameters and statistics, and finds PCA and CVA transformations of the system. It also can plot the h-step ahead prediction with 95% confidence intervals. The last function performs generalized least squares regression for system where user defined coefficients are constrained to zero.

Click Here for TSA Software
Polymerization CSTR and Semibatch Reactor Simulation Software in Matlab

Jeffrey DeCicco has transposed two physical models describing the polymerization of vinyl acetate in an industrial scale CSTR and semibatch reactor into Matlab and Simulink Code. The models were developed by Dr. Fouad Teymour in his Ph.D. thesis and subsequent research journal articles. The code and a description of the reactor with examples are available below.

HTML Version of Reactor Simulation Manual
Postscript Version of the Reactor Simulation Manual (gzip)
Postscript Version of the Reactor Simulation Manual (zip)
Simulation Software (gzip)
Simulation Software (zip)
Matlab Tutorial

A tutorial for learning process control applicatoins in Matlab has been prepared by Dr. Ali Cinar and Jeffrey DeCicco.