PenSim: A Web Based Program for Dynamic Simulation of Fed-Batch Penicillin Production 

Remark: Now, you are ready to run a simulation. Please look at the flow sheet of the process to become familiar with the physical system and enter the conditions of your own choice.

Please note that, although there are some hard constraints on the parameters, there are no soft constraints, hence, there is no guarantee to obtain physically meaningful output depending on the choice of the conditions you make! 

Please enter simulation conditions:
Initial Conditions:
Substrate Concentration g/L
Dissolved Oxygen Concentration g/L
Biomass Concentration g/L
Penicillin Concentration g/L
Culture Volume L
Carbon Dioxide Concentration g/L
Fermentor Temperature K
Generated Heat kcal

Set Points

Aeration Rate L/h
Agitator Power W
Substrate Feed Flowrate L/h
Substrate Feed Temperature K
Temperature Set Point K
pH Set Point
Sampling Interval h
Simulation Time h
Please click the "Execute Simulation" button only once. The simulation may take several minutes, depending on the simulation parameters.