A Web-Based Educational Simulation Package for Glucose-Insulin Levels in the Human Body

"The simulator does not differentiate between people regarding their sex, age, race, or BMI (body mass index); instead it represents an average person. Also, GlucoSim does not take into account intra- and inter-personal variations and it should not be used for making medical decisions."
The GlucoSim should only be used for educational purposes.

In order to view the interviews, the Flash Player will be automatically downloaded in the case you already did not have it on your computer.

Additionally, in order to watch the interviews, you should use Explorer as your internet browser instead of Firefox.



Incorporated are tutorial videos and a slideshow to enable the user to utilize all the functions of GlucoSim. The videos are more educational that give an overview of diabetes and the GlucoSim software. The slideshow is a step by step guide to how to use the software. First time user should take advantage to this helpful aid.

Cautionary pointers on using GlucoSim

The following steps will insure better simulations and thus a more precise description of the user’s situation.

  • When inputting the body weight always double check the unit box, drop-down box, which is on the right of the weight box. The default is lb (pounds). Be sure that you choose the correct unit.
  • Enter time in 24 hour format*
    *Converting AM/PM to 24hr format:

1am-12pm corresponds to 01:00-12:00

1pm-12am corresponds to13:00-00:00